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Grief does not have a timetable or a road-map. We understand that there will be times when you need to communicate with a bereaved parent, sibling or grandparent. You can contact our chapter by telephone at (818) 236-3635 and someone will return your call and can put you in contact with a support friend from the following volunteers: bereaved mothers, dads, siblings, grandparent, loss by suicide, loss by illness, loss of special needs child, parent with no surviving child and those who wish to speak in Spanish.

You may contact us by telephone or by email to receive a small packet of information. Upon request we will then place you on our mailing list to receive a copy of our monthly newsletter. Feel free to contact us for information about our chapter or simply just to share your grief.

Making that initial contact or attending your first meeting does take courage, but our volunteer parents and siblings provide a network of support, friendship and understanding that only friends who have “been there” can give.

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